Two articles published in serve to illustrate how Australia is rising to the challenge of finding solutions to make energy from hydrogen and lithium batteries more viable.

Monash University has taken a major step towards the ‘holy grail’ of renewable energy. The watershed announcement of a new lithium-sulphur battery that enables exceptionally fast lithium transfer. This improves the performance and lifetime of the batteries and paves the way for cheaper, greener and faster lithium batteries. The development delivers:-

  • Faster charging
  • Not dependent on dwindling supplies of metals like cobalt, nickel and manganese
  • Stores two to five times the energy by weight so less charging

Discover how this is achieved in the following link.

A proposed new hydrogen hub was announced with a partnership between Orica and Origin in the Hunter Valley. It will conduct a feasibility study into creating a green hydrogen production facility. It would supply heavy industry, transport and blending hydrogen into natural gas pipelines. Produced via electrolysis, green hydrogen is seen as a key enabler to turning Australia into a lower carbon economy. Read more about the partnership here.