‘Free to all’ AGMA White Paper on gearing in the rising EV market

‘A Gearing-Centric Snapshot of the EV Space’ is the title of the White Paper taking a detailed look at the gearing developments in drivetrain design.

The paper provides the gearing industry with invaluable insight into this flourishing and expanding sector. So what does it cover?

AGMA’s Electric Drive Technology Committee released the paper in mid-2021 and covers:-

  • the diversity in drivetrain design
  • high-level technology in the machine tool market
  • new ideas in the market
  • different and higher precision manufacturing processes
  • the quest for the silent drivetrain
  • some background history on EV
  • the evolution on the EV consumer
  • current regulations driving the changes

Find the link to the FREE White Paper within the AGMA Introduction article here.