How to keep your gears going

Here’s something in the AGMA Gears Matter Blog page that should get your cogs turning (or at least keep them turning). Five maintenance tips to keep your gears going by Lorain Wilson of Houston Pump and Gear.

It’s worth taking a look at to make sure that you’re not missing one or two of these vital procedures that could prove extremely costly if not adhered to.

A further explanation of these maintenance tips is covered in the link below and the points covered are:-

  1. Ensuring the gearbox is properly lubricated in accordance with application and OEM recommendations.
  2. Ensure the gearbox is routinely cleaned especially in environments with contaminants, operation under high pressures or extremes of temperature.
  3. The gearbox should follow a set process to cool down in applications that may be prone to overheating.
  4. Inspect the gear teeth for damage (with a few tips as to method).
  5. Conduct gear vibration analysis, most effective in detecting early diagnosis.

Thanks to Lorain for compiling this useful check list to help you extend the life of your gears. Follow the link here for more information on the above and methodology….