How metrology is increasingly important in EV production

Electric Vehicles are set to dominate car production lines. This shift however, dramatically reduces the amount of drivetrain components needed. This means that the remaining components become more crucial to the vehicles operation and lifespan. Gear components in particular are key to converting high-torque from electric motors to the RPMs at the wheel. Metrology is therefore becoming increasingly important in creating the texture surfaces and precision now demanded by the sector. So how is it meeting this challenge?

Mike Schmidt, Market Development Manager at the Zygo Corporation, outlines how his organisation has developed processes that meet the challenge of producing the kind of precision demanded in a high-production environment.

Minimising gear noise and maximising range are the goals. To achieve these aims, there is the requirement for advanced finishing and grinding technologies that are used to produce extremely complex and precise surfaces in gear teeth.

The article below reports on how non-contact optical solutions are helping meet these challenges….