Get your cogs whirring…

… Ronson stock gears and a stock of answers.

In addition to designing and manufacturing precision gears for every application from mining to aerospace, Ronson Gears is also the ‘go to’ supplier of stock gears.

We are the exclusive distributor for KHK Stock gears for Australia and New Zealand. This provides our customers with access to over 15,000 stock gear products. We even hold 1,800 live items with same day shipping.

However, for those searching for answers on gears, KHK also supplies a good range of reference material.

The KHK knowledge library includes and extensive range of information you need to support your gear selection and gearing decisions. The available reference material in the following link includes:-

  • The  ABCs of Gears (versions A +B)
  • Introduction to Gears
  • Gear Technical Reference
  • The first step of Mechanism Design using gears
  • Gear Design procedure in practical design
  • Gear Nomenclature
  • Introduction to Gear Trains Analysis
  • Q&A about gears
  • Types and Mechanisms of Gear Reducers

After reading all that you’ll be nearly as knowledgeable as the experts at Ronson. See more here.