Smart manufacturing has implications for your cyber security

Smart Manufacturing necessitates your data being shared with new systems and networks. This article in presents a brief review on the issues and some of the solutions.

Data sharing and analysis from manufacturing systems no longer operate in ‘walled gardens’. So how do you securely enable access required for smart manufacturing when it creates these security issues?

  • New applications and data destinations
  • New user roles
  • Evolving threat landscape

The attached article briefly describes the protective measures that can be created depending on the degree of protection you need. The following areas are discussed:-

  • Custom-based  data diodes create ‘Air gaps’, key for critical operations infrastructure
  • Transport Laser Security and Secure Socket Layer protocols offer unambiguous identification of requester and requestee, message authenticity and encryption with plug-and-play protocols requiring a single inbound open port.
  • The article also reviews how you make data securely accessible depending on data destinations
  • Defining new user requirements before designing to accommodate them
  • 100% security is a false premise, however training and behaviour modification for users help prevent breaches. Frequent maintenance and adhering to scheduled updates is also essential

These solutions are analysed in the article here and establish a foundation for secure communication from business management to plant floor.