How gear manufacturers are getting a grip on costs

In these times where everyone has to keep an eye on margins, many gear manufacturers are finding that pitch line fixtures are just the job for keeping costs in check.

Workholding equipment cuts costs without compromising on quality.  According to Gear Solutions magazine, manufacturers are increasingly turning to pitch line fixtures to reduce the amount of runout.

In fact, Gleason has developed a pitch line fixture that will average runout to within 0.0005” (0.0127 mm) to the pitch line.

Pitch line fixtures come in a variety of types depending on the application: mechanically or hydraulically activated or tailstock driven.

Many new solutions can be installed and removed in seconds with a single tool and interchangeable clamping heads to increase versatility. No more waiting for a bespoke system to be manufactured to meet your specific needs.

Refer to the article below for full details on how pitch line fixtures are becoming more adaptable and a must have accessory for gear manufacturers…..