Over half of manufacturers will be using 5G by the end of the year

It’s a fact that will make many in the gear industry take stock as 5G (fifth generation cellular wireless technology) is set to have a transformative effect on manufacturing.

Those that are slow to adopt or held back by regional infrastructure issues may risk losing significant competitive advantage.

There is also a danger of complacency setting in with a seemingly endless stream of new ‘tags’ 4G, 5G, IOT4…IOT5 and so on. However, this can mean that we lose precious time in taking up the advances that provide real manufacturing advantages.

So what can 5G deliver for manufacturers?

The potential of 5G can be seen in supply chains with seamless end-to-end tracking from inventory to delivery.

On the factory floor it can improve inspection and assembly activities enabling engineers to troubleshoot remotely and improving productivity and packaging functions.

It will also extend to employee training and remote working capabilities – the importance of which have been highlighted by the recent pandemic.

In fact 98% of manufacturers expect cost savings of around 38% – see below for the rest of the 5G facts and figures featured in this report….