We’ll drink to that!

The next best thing next to an infinite supply of beer must be an infinitely recyclable beer can. Well at least you can look at that mountain of tinnies after a Barbie and think…. at least that’s not a waste! Not with the perpetual beer can!

Rio Tinto in conjunction with the world’s largest brewer (AB InBev) are about to make beer cans out of a responsibly produced, low-carbon aluminium – that can be endlessly recycled.

So when will you be able to make a difference whilst enjoying a beer?

The first 1 million cans to be produced are scheduled to be piloted in the United States, on the Michelob Ultra, apparently the fastest growing brand in the country.

It could slash carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to cans produced using traditional manufacturing techniques.

To find out more about this project follow the link below…..cheers!