Are you ripe for conversion?

When manufacturing bevel gears for the automotive industry some companies are converting from Revacycle to Coniflex says this article in Gear Technology – featuring a chapter from Dr.Hermann J. Stadtfeld. (Whose works we have featured before in these pages).

So, what are the differences between the processes and what are the benefits of converting?

In fact, the various processes that can be used to manufacture differential gears are:

Revacycle, Forging, Coniflex and Coniflex Plus. The article describes the various processes and concludes that many manufacturers are turning to the new Coniflx Plus process to achieve the following benefits:-

‘The new Coniflex-Plus manufacturing process utilizes high-speed dry cutting with production times per slot which are about twice compared to the fast Revacycle process.

The Coniflex-Plus innovation inspired many manufacturers of trucks and off-road vehicles to utilize the Coniflex-Plus technology to produce high-quality differential gears in medium and low batch sizes in a modern and flexible manufacturing environment.’

Follow this link to see if you are ripe for conversion.

As an addendum to this, is an article in Gear Solutions that provides calculations on tooth contact analysis of straight bevel gears given the different manufacturing processes….