Coronavirus and Australian manufacturing

Who knows where the coronavirus will take us? However, one slightly unexpected current twist is that there has been a real uptake in demand for many local manufacturers.

Maybe this can be attributed to taking up the slack created by the slowdown in China due to the virus; or whether companies are seeking more localised supply chains given all the world wide uncertainties.

The recent issue of Manufacturers’ Monthly certainly reports on some interesting changes in supply chain behaviour….

From toilet paper to hand sanitiser to locally developed x-ray machines: the increased production for some locally-based manufacturers has a distinct relationship with the outbreak of the coronavirus.

The upturn in demand is not just from Australia but factories are struggling to keep up with demand from Hong Kong & China for sanitiser and hospital grade disinfectant despite 24 hour a day production!

Micro-X, an Adelaide based company, has received $750,000 worth of orders for its lightweight x-ray machine from several Asian countries.

Whilst, the coronavirus is an enormous challenge and tragedy, it does conversely provide some local companies with the opportunity to prove their selection on many new supply chains. Read the article below for further detail….