Polymer gears made of 5 different materials go head to head


As polymer gears gain increasing usage in more applications this comparison test should prove insightful.

It could gain better understanding of polymer behaviour in high-power applications where they are still not widely accepted due to lack of performance data in such environments.

One of the key areas at issue is the sensitivity to temperature variations of polymer gears. So a greater understanding of their thermo-mechanical capabilities is necessary.

This new study aims to clarify these issues….

Unlike previous studies relating to the thermo-mechanical performance of polymer gears they have examined more thoroughly the improvements from suitable lubrication.

The five runners and riders are:-

PC (polycarbonate)

POM (polyoxymethylene)

HDPE (high-density polyethylene)

PA (polyamide – nylon 46 )

PEEK (Polyether ether Ketone, or PEEK 650)

Significant differences in failure modes and performance levels were observed between the 5 different polymer gear materials. Find out the results in this article published in gear technology magazine….