How’s the take up of IOT going?

You may be reading this and thinking, hold on, what do you mean by that? My company ‘Up to the minute’ has embraced IOT and are reaping the benefits!

If that is the case, you are in the minority, as the adoption of IOT is growing more slowly than anyone predicted according to an article in Gear Technology’s Newsletter. So what is happening and why the slow progress?

After all, IOT, otherwise known as Industry 4.0 (especially in Europe) where the phrase was coined because it would herald the Fourth Industrial Revolution, was predicted to be…..well.. revolutionary.

Well it’s not been much of a revolution at the moment, a slow evolution would be nearer the mark.

Although IOT does have the power to transform sectors like manufacturing it has been very slow at being adopted for a number of reasons that this article explores.

In tandem with this is a Newsroom entry from AGMA that echoes the same findings in a survey of over 125 North American companies…

On an optimistic note, the stumbling blocks to IOT are being targeted and addressed bit by bit, making IOT a proposition that manufacturers, particularly in the gear industry, can no longer put on the ‘to do’ list.