A phased return to service for the 737 MAX

To say the Boeing 737 MAX has had its share of problems over recent times would be an understatement. So it’s noteworthy to hear that Boeing expect a staggered return to service for the plane.

Australian Aviation magazine reports that Boeing’s Chief Executive, Dennis Muilenberg expects a ‘phased un-grounding’ of the 737 MAX by regulators across the world. Their aim is to get the aircraft cleared to fly again by the fourth quarter of 2019. Find out what test criteria some of the regulators are asking them to meet.

Different regulators have different questions and criteria that the Boeing737 MAX needs to satisfy before it gets the thumbs up.

For example, the criteria set out by the European Parliament’s Committee on Transport and Tourism specify meeting 4 key conditions:-

  1. Design changes proposed by Boeing are EASA approved (no delegation to the FAA)
  2. Additional and broader independent design review has been satisfactorily completed by EASA
  3. Accidents of JT610 and ET302 are deemed sufficiently understood
  4. B7373 MAX flight crews have been adequately trained

Other aviation authorities will impose their own criteria which is why it is reasonable to expect them being cleared in phases. See more here.