How Lean Manufacturing can link to Industry 4.0

Ronson Gears have been adopters of the Lean Manufacturing philosophy and practices which were the precursor to Industry 4.0. So how can a company such as ours migrate and link from Lean Manufacturing to Industry 4.0?

An article in Manufacturers’ Monthly shows the two as not being in conflict but able to work in tandem. In fact, many experts believe that the lean manufacturing philosophy can be the key to unlocking the greater potential of Industry 4.0.

The article below maybe of interest to companies like ourselves that are in the process of embracing Industry 4.0 but don’t want to lose the founding principles of Lean Manufacturing. It illustrates how the two can be compatible so that Lean Manufacturing principles can help Industry 4.0 implementation work better.

Professor Amrik Sohal, at the Monash University Department of Management, evaluates how these two manufacturing philosophies can be mutually beneficial.

It basically comes down to an interpretation of the huge data flows generated by Industry 4.0 filtered through the lens of a Lean Manufacturing approach to make that data more relevant.

Follow the link here for a more detailed explanation……