Priorities for Australian Manufacturing in 2019

Hopefully, you will have been the beneficiary of the manufacturing upswing over the last 2 -3 years. Business has certainly be good for us at Ronson Gears.

According to figures published by the ABS, 85,000 jobs were created – one of the highest levels in any sector.

However, we shouldn’t sit back and rest on our laurels.  There are a few top priorities that manufacturing across the board needs to address according to Mark Goodsell, Head of Australian Industry Group in NSW and a National Director of Manufacturing.

So, the top focus points that Mark prioritises are:-

Skills – we know, it’s a frequently discussed issue in these pages but there are some initiatives that are proving to pay off……..’

Energy efficiency – did you know that Australia lags up to 30% behind other developed economies as far as energy efficiency is concerned?

Waste – we can no longer rely on China to solve this problem so what’s next?

Construction standards – there has been a lot of cause for concern recently that has placed the spotlight on construction standards and materials.

Employment and safety regulations – with issues debated such as ‘industrial manslaughter’ and increasingly severe penalties: employers need to protect their staff and themselves…….


For more detail on all of these priorities for manufacturing, follow the link here.