AGMA Foundation – Addressing the Future Needs of the Industry


The Managing Director of Ronson Gears, Gordon New, sits on the board of the AGMA Foundation.  Many of you may be members of AGMA and some may even contribute to the work of the Foundation. So, it’s worth a look at the scope of the work the Foundation covers as this continues to expand.

The AGMA Foundation was founded in 1994 and its mission statement is ‘recruiting, educating and keeping power transmission workforce current with emerging technology’.

Given that, since 1994, there has been a demographic shift within the industry that has made the recruitment and retention of staff ever more challenging, then this focus is key to the health of the entire industry. Indeed, survey after survey in recent years has placed the ability to recruit suitable candidates as the issue most critical to the industry.

So, it may be a relief to anxious company heads that the Foundation is doing its bit to tackle these and related issues:-

Scholarship Program, Detailed Gear Design online course, Workforce Education Series, Gear Failure Analysis online course, AGMA Webinar Series, Gearbox CSI, AGMA Centennial, Global Standards/ISO, Requests to fund research grants & other projects, Tribology, Internships.

Follow the link here to find more information on any of the above.