Purity – Defining Aircraft Quality Steel and How It’s Determined


An increasing share of our business at Ronson Gears is within the aerospace sector. So, we are too well aware of the stringent criteria applied when supplying the industry. (And, we have the certificates to prove it!)

It all starts with steel…

Steel cleanliness and purity is key to meeting AQ (Aircraft Quality) requirements. In his article in Gear Solutions magazine, Guy Brada defines what is meant by AQ steel and how it is determined. See the article here.

Complementary to the above, is another article by Alex Cannella running in Gear Technology magazine. The article discusses the growing demand for higher quality steel within the gear industry. When 10 microns of non-metallic inclusion (thinner than a hair) can be enough to trigger a gear’s failure. So, how is the demand for such purity achieved? See the article here.