Proper lubrication can extend the overall fatigue life of gears by a factor of 2.6

That’s quite a claim made in this month’s Gear Solutions magazine. It is especially pertinent to certain industries with higher wear out rates. In the wind industry for example, gearboxes need to be replaced two or three times over a 20 year period. This is much sooner than had been originally anticipated. So any lubricant that could extend their life cycle could have a significant effect on the industry when aggregated over multiple turbines.

Sentient Science calculated that reducing friction forces can extend the life of a WEA-gearbox in the wind industry by a factor of 2.6 to 3.3! This obviously can apply to a variety of other types of machines where friction forces occur.

This lifetime model was used to study the impact of DuraGear®W100 based on nano and micro-particle bonding components. Click the link here for a more detailed explanation of the study and its applications…